One thought on “New Companionships

  1. Hi Elder Rivas,

    WE had Stake conference Sunday. It will be my last one in NY. I took pictures of everyone so I don’t forget their names and faces. Talks were very good but President Wrights talk was about sifting like sand. That when we read the Book of Mormon it literally separates us from the world. And when we don’t we are just part of the world problems and bad decisions.

    We had three nor ‘easterner snow storms 6 inches to a foot of snow today. Hugh snow flakes for awhile. I saw your family Sunday and your little brother. He sang in the stake choir. I will be leaving on May 28th 2018 to Boise Idaho. Maybe I will come to California and happen to pass by your mission in August who knows. Keep smiling that is one of your best traits, that will attract non members for you to teach. Always bear your testimony of the Book of Mormon it is powerful, because when they receive these things if they ask God the eternal father they will know it is true by the power of the Holy Ghost and by that power they shall know the truth of all things.

    Love You,

    Brother Frank Mansuetto


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