“An Unwritten Goal is Merely a Wish” – Author Unknown

Written by my mom explaining how and why we started this Blog:

Just before Michaelangelo received his mission call, he endeavored to explore actual missionary experiences with other full-time missionaries in the area that we live. We met Elder Michael McKonkie and found that his mother, Lynnette Thompson McKonkie created a blog for her son in order to share his missionary experiences with friends and family. I reached out to her and got her input. I am very grateful to her for the inspiration she gave me to include my son’s experience  and share in the journey. I hope that you will not only receive inspiration but that it will draw you closer to God, our Father and help you to come to know our Savior, Jesus Christ. As a disciple of Christ, he will share his personal testimony of the Savior with all of us.  As my son sets to accomplish this goal, he will write and in writing will then accomplish the goal of inspiration!                                                                               – Luz Alina Rivas


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